March 13, 2015


Here’s Some Info You Need To Know:

We will not play burned CD. If the Karaoke Disc you bring in does not have a Printed Label we assume it’s a copy and we can’t for many copywrite and legal reason play it. If we don’t have the song you’re looking for, here are some places to get some for your very own.

Karaoke In the Sacramento Area
Click Here for the List

Discount Karaoke MP3+G’s:
Karaoke Downloads | Karaoke Cloud | Karaoke Version

Retail Karaoke MP3+G’s:
Sound Choice | SunFly Karaoke

Licensing Information:
For public performances you need a Cabaret license and possibly other additional licensing for your venue. All the information you need to put on a show is at one of these government sites